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The 3 biggest obstacles for innovators lie in gaining visibility, growing a fan base, and turning those fans into customers all while putting the territorial stake in the ground for competitors.

How can you leap over these hurdles like an Olympian? Put your eggs in a brand basket.

Think of a brand as an investment portfolio. You put collateral into different stocks, and with time, the interest will compound – of course you have to put your time and effort into the right stocks.

Coca Cola began in 1886 – the brand is now worth 79 billion. Let that marinate for a bit.

Ok so I need a brand, but which stocks do I invest in?

There are three foundational pillars: a passport, a persona, and a promise. Together, these pillars form your brand’s perception. Consistently invest in these brand “stocks” and never have a problem getting seen, getting paid, or making the competition irrelevant again.

Actually if you’re working a corporate 9-5, you’re already using these pillars – your personal brand is the reason why you were hired in the first place. Let that simmer for a while.

Now the issue with inventors is that they believe a brand is a simple DIY project that can be thrown up on a wix website in 1 hour flat or that building a brand is as quick as buying a $5 fiverr logo.

It’s not easy. So stay in your zone of genius. Give me free range in mine.

My clients happily hand the reins over, and they sleep better at night for it. They feel confident knowing someone has their brand back…the same brand confidence that’s CRUCIAL in building the know, like, and trust factor that brings in revenue.

Don’t worry, I got you…let’s talk.