Move over necessity – the future favors the lazy.

There couldn’t have been a more perfect time for your product idea than now. In the time of Uber, Amazon, and smart devices, people want to live their lives with minimal effort and quick results.

That means you don’t have to be the next Ford or Edison with revolutionary products. Solve one simple problem, and you still have the potential to make millions.

Call me your Inventor Mentor, and I hope to change the landscape of inventing, to lessen the fear around it. There’s a lot of “invention” companies that take people’s hard earned money and run off – not cool. I’m personalizing the process again. You won’t just have a coach/consultant at your side, you’ll have a no-fluff friend every step of the way nurturing your innovative idea.

As a patent-pending inventor myself, I’ve been in your shoes as an entrepreneur stretching my dollar and taping it together when it broke! And I’ve made mistakes – the biggest of those is marketing << the only thing you really need to be focused on. I’ve spent the better part of two years studying story, networking, influencer, content, social media, and digital marketing. This is the very reason I’m here now as sooo many people ask me advice because I’m a bank of knowledge when it comes to monetizing through marketing. They are cashing in, will you?

As you can tell, I’m not some old dusty guy who’s going to lull you to sleep with an IP lecture. My focus isn’t on patents, prototyping, or licensing. We’re going to kick ass with building your “brand authority” because marketing is the only thing that will sell your product before its even in-stock! And I won’t blow smoke up your ass either. Any business endeavor takes a ton of work, and I think “inventing” is a segment of business that should never be done alone.


I’m a graphic designer specializing in corporate branding with decade of experience and a Bachelor’s Degree to boot. I’ve worked at the largest retail marketing firm in the nation, and I’ve studied online marketing greats like my last bottle of wine depended on it. I turn inventors into entrepreneurs.

So you can be the judge on whether we work together or not. Regardless, your time is NOW.

Ascend to your throne,


Your Empire is One Click Away...

Well maybe that was a bit of an overstatement, but here’s the truth: this jump is going to require time, money, and grit. You will have to learn some things, invest in software, and ride the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship. The silver lining?
I’ll be right next to you, strapped in.

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