Let’s Invent Your Empire…Together

Your Genius Brand Has One Simple Job

To Get Attention.

In a noisy world, people only listen to those who speak differently and clearly. Believe it or not, customers are not hard-wired to buy the “best.” Customers are hard-wired to fulfill a desire and will buy a product that stands out and positions itself as the easiest/fastest way to quench that desire.

And emotionally, customers also buy from people. So for a brand to get and keep attention, it must be perceived as different, easy, and human (e.g. empathetic). Your product may be brilliant, but none of that matters if it blends in.

Creating a product is hard enough. We understand the struggles that new start-ups face when breaking into a marketplace that has already “seen it all” because we’re inventors too.

And we’re here to help.

Truth be told, excellent branding is the sheer mind-control of someone’s experience and perception…ethically, of courseWhile brand perception is owned by the individual targeted, it can be influenced and altered by releasing three seduction signals: identity, charisma, and execution.

Invent Your Empire calls these signals Brand Pheromones™ – it’s similar to the chemical signals a bee releases to influence the behavior of the hive. We’ve named these pheromones: a passport, persona, and a promise. Once you let these “pheromones” guide your marketing message, you’ll never have to compete again.




Introducing Brand Pheromones™

The Brand Pheromones™ proprietary framework was formulated by Product Brand Strategist Aisha Sequeira. It is tightly woven with a science-based personality brand system (by Sally Hogshead), psychological archetype system (by Carl Jung), and a storytelling framework of message clarity (by Donald Miller) that taps into principles dating as far back as the philosopher Plato.

Think of your brand as a series of questions. If those questions are relevant, asked well, and asked in the right order, they will keep a person hooked until the “happy ending” is told.

As a fascinating storyteller, your prospects are closely gathered around your brand’s campfire…captivated by its dancing flames. Your brand’s message (story), should keep your audience dangling onto every word until jolted into action…

A “brand” is the prelude to the purchase.

(Fascination Advantage® by Sally Hogshead)

Leave Branding to Science Not Chance.

(Fascination Advantage® by Sally Hogshead)

Our trifecta of pheromones + fascination + storytelling creates magnetic brands that attract prospects, patrons, and press through your most influential traits. Branding with Invent Your Empire is more than attractive; it’s methodical.

A brand strategy backed by marketing and psychology science guarantees your brand will be impossible to ignore and not left to chance – it taps into a part of the human psyche that is hard-coded and unavoidable.


  • How to make your product understandable in 5 seconds
  • The exact words to sell yourself to prospects
  • Which personality archetype shows you at your best
  • How to fit your product into your prospect’s life “story”
  • Which influential advantage will help your brand sell best
  • How to compel the human brain stronger than any force

Sleep Soundly at Night While...

Staying In Your Zone of Genius

Focus on what you want to do, and let your brand produce what your business needs.

Patting Yourself on the Back

Hear from customers that the moment they came onto your website, they had to have your product.

Standing Out from the Crowd

Create a brand so uniquely formulated that making money is the easy part. Competition? What’s that?

Taking The Reins

Have a roadmap where you can replicate results and hit every marketing message right out of the park.

Do It Right The First Time

"I don't know who to trust."

That’s what one inventor told us when we asked him about the one thing keeping him up at night. He was scammed out of thousands by a “consultant” who gave him a sell sheet that was clearly thrown together in Microsoft Publisher and lacked the basic principles of direct response copywriting.

"When you spoke about our [previous] logo and the philosophy behind it…No designer has ever given me that kind of service."

That’s what one apparel shop owner said after we delivered a brand audit. She was unhappy with her logo but “accepted” it anyway because she was tired of going back-and-forth with her designer and wasting money in the process. Designers typically deliver the “what,” and without marketing experience, they rarely know the “why.” She paid $5,000 and didn’t even know the reasoning behind her own logo.

Convinced Already?

It all starts with a 45-minute Profit Primer session. This is a preparatory and complimentary conversation to discover if Invent Your Empire is a mutual fit and how to move forward with a brand that’s both attractive and methodical. Don’t worry…we’ve got this.


Aisha is a pleasure to work with. I really like how she can take a few ideas and turn it into something really great based on her creative ability and great eye for design trends. I would love to work with her again anytime.”

Mike Lallemont, Developer at The Freeman Company

Our Grand Plan of Attack

Most of Invent Your Empire services are organized under three stages of a new business: building, branding, and blasting. We have a variety of options that suit your needs and budgets. And because we believe in putting the marketing power back in the hands of the entrepreneur, we offer educational courses, design retainers, and virtual assistant services to maintain your brand going forward.


BUILD an innovative product that tells a story, solves a problem, and delivers a promise. “Build” division of services focuses on crucial brand building blocks and takes the form of consulting and auditing.


BLAST your brand and hit the ground running so fast that competitors eat your dirt. “Blast” division of services focuses on website design for lead capture, crowdfunding, and ecommerce WordPress websites.


“Aisha is highly motivated and intelligent worker. She is always coming up with cost effective and efficient ways to utilize our work resources. Her design skills are superb.”

– Ezra James, Co-Founder of Leviathan Media Group

Here's What We Can Guide You On...

Consultative Audits
Brand Design
Web Design
Marketing Strategy

Are You Ready?

It all starts with a 45-minute Profit Primer session. This is a preparatory and complimentary conversation to discover if Invent Your Empire is a mutual fit and how to move forward with a brand that’s both attractive and methodical. Don’t worry…we’ve got this.

Fascinating Science

Why Does Fascination Matter?

“Emotionally, you experience fascination as a feeling of confidence and clarity. It’s a wellspring. You are calm and focused, your brain enters a semi-euphoric state.

Neurologically, you are literally using less brain power when you are in the fascination flow…which can actually be seen through neuroimaging devices. When a product is successful, it fascinates its customers.

People are willing to spend more money and more time with a fascinating product than a generic equivalent.”

(Fascination Advantage® by Sally Hogshead)

Experience You Can Trust

We use your brand’s best persuasion techniques and story to amplify the strength of your Brand Pheromones™ that’s proven to work when used in a consistent, long-term strategy. Click your business stage below to see how Invent Your Empire can help – You don’t have to go, or grow, it alone.


“Aisha. AISHA. I just HOLLERED, okay? Flawless execution. Not like I expected anything less – as I said in our call- you’re a rare sort of talent. That said, this [branding] is clever, witty, and right on target.”

– Nicole Walters, Founder of the Monetized Life

Let's do this.

It all starts with a 45-minute Profit Primer session. This is a preparatory and complimentary conversation to discover if Invent Your Empire is a mutual fit and how to move forward with a brand that’s both attractive and methodical. Don’t worry…we’ve got this.