The Unbeatable Checkout

SamCart versus ThriveCart…Which Is the Better Checkout Tool?

As an online entrepreneur, our main goal is to drive sales to our business. But how do we focus on increasing our revenue if we have other things to worry about?

Online business owners take on many roles. Depending on the product or service you sell, you produce your own output. When you sell digital products, you have to integrate a platform that is both attractive and friendly to users. The bulk of work is done on building a website, creating content, driving traffic, marketing your products and closing sales.

It is not very easy to integrate all of these in one engaging platform. So we research new strategies and invest in technologies to optimize our sales process. We need to find the right software that will allow us to save time, eliminate stress from errors, and most importantly, get us the numbers we need.

The Importance of Check-Out Carts

If you want to increase the sales conversion of your website, you need to catch the attention of your customers from the moment they read your homepage until they process final payment. Buyers are enthused to buy when they can customize their orders and are offered discounts and promotions. Your typical PayPal payment process does not give you those options.

Check-out cart software is a must-have for digital product entrepreneurs. They offer buyers the convenience of easy shopping from the simple clicks to customization and availability of different payment options. At the same time, it offers the businesses a chance to upsell their products and bump prices through coupon codes and discounts. Check-out cart applications can store buyer information and reach out to the people who don’t get to finish the order process.

The challenge in this process is to find the right check-out software. There are, of course, many Shopping Cart applications each with their own features. If you are specifically looking for a brand that will support your digital product business, Sam Cart and Thrive Cart are two of the best options for you.

SamCart and Thrive Cart Features

First, let me give you an overview of the features of these two check-out page tools.

• Both SamCart and ThriveCart offer you easy to build, professionally designed templates for your check-out pages.

• They increase your sales through a point-and-click up-sell feature and provide special offers to your customers through coupon codes.

• They integrate your other applications such as CRM tools, auto-email responders, and multiple payment processors.

• They allow you to track sales growth through detailed statistical reports.

• They offer an opportunity to build sales through affiliates.

Comparing SamCart vs ThriveCart

The features for both check-out applications are similar. To make it easier for you to decide which software to use, let us explore the key differences of the two as we dig deep into the following. . .

Template Designs

Both products have professionally designed templates, tested to work in the e-commerce marketplace. The goal of their designs is to convert as many sales as possible.

SamCart has 18 beautiful starter templates to choose from while ThriveCart has 4 customizable and high-converting ones. The approach differs as the latter allows a simple, easier and faster process of building your first check-out page.

Tools Integration

Being able to sync your tools to your check-out cart application makes the difference in running your online business. CRM tools, auto-responders and multiple payment processors are some of the important services that both SamCart and ThriveCart offer for integration.

A comparison example is the integration of an auto-responder. SamCart allows the integration of one auto-responder software while ThriveCart allows multiple. It is effective for companies who want to create separate lists of their customers.

ThriveCart has also released a list of available software services integration with more features added every week. To allow their customers to think ahead, they have also released an upcoming list of integrations that you might need in the future.

Payment Options

Building an online business means adapting to the preferred shopping methods of the customers. Mobile devices are widely used to browse products and purchase them easily without needing to type in card information over and over again.

ThriveCart is the only known check-out cart application that works with ApplePay. This easy-to-use Apple software uses customers’ thumbprints to make a purchase. Once Android builds the same feature, ThriveCart will also make it available for Android users.

Apart from mobile payments, offering subscriptions to customers increases the chance of continued purchase. Both SamCart and ThriveCart have this feature and both carts offer Paypal as a payment option for customers with recurring bills. The main difference in using PayPal as a payment method is that the SamCart system directly manages these recurring subscriptions while ThriveCart leaves the managing to PayPal itself.

It’s like with ThriveCart, you can take your customer subscriptions with you even as you decide to choose another platform. While SamCart limits your flexibility in choosing another platform as you cannot bring your customers with you.

Customer Support

There is no perfect software and it is inevitable to run into problems sooner or later in the process. Customer service is the backbone of every company and these two cart applications have the capability of giving you the best support you need.

The quality of customer service is subjective. You will only know once you have tested their services.

Pricing & Packages

One of the obvious points to consider when choosing between two products is their pricing deals. In fact, it could be your deciding factor especially in cases like this where the product features are easily comparable.

SamCart offers pricing packages to their customers:

Basic Plan$19/moOffers basic features to sell products with customer support, coupons and membership and email integrations.
Lacks important features such as upsells, subscriptions and payment plans among others.
Pro Plan$99/moOffers all the main features to optimize your check-out page.
Premium Plan$199/moPremium lets you enjoy all the Pro Plan features + Subscription Saver and Affiliate Center features.

This set-up is perfect for business owners who have limited budgets and only need certain features to kick-start their website sales.

While SamCart offers monthly subscriptions in different packages, ThriveCart offers a limited one-time subscription fee that will let you enjoy the complete features of the software. It is an enticing deal (which we recommend you getting while still available) for owners who do not want to pay recurring fees.

Currently, ThriveCart can be purchased at a special price of $595. It is a very limited offer as in the future, the product plans to offer competitive prices through a monthly or annual subscription.

ThriveCart Wins with Cart Functionality and Affiliate Feature

Overall, SamCart and ThriveCart have the same goal in increasing the sales conversion of your website but with different approaches. Looking at their features, these two products definitely overtake other platforms out on the market.

Through a detailed comparison, however, ThriveCart may actually be the real winner between the two and here is why:

  1. Multiple and Smarter Integrations – they have loads of features ready to be set-up any time you decide to link those tools to your ThriveCart application.
  2. Easier and Faster Set-Up – their customizable templates are faster to set-up with easy-click features that will optimize your check-out process.
  3. Competitive Pricing – a one-time fee is always better than having a recurring fee charged to your account. Even as they move to monthly or annual fees, the prices are expected to be better than what other platforms can offer.

Great ClickFunnels Alternative – ThriveCart takes care of your ClickFunnels for you! From single-click up-sells and live sales stats and reports. With its cart and affiliate program integration, you can offer membership programs through hosted websites and an effective email marketing system.

What are you waiting for? Get the chance to be a Lifetime License Holder and start your ThriveCart today before it disappears for good (creators are keeping their launch secret.

The Unbeatable Checkout

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