To All My Mentors…You Rock

Today I’m turning a number that shall not be named. Though I’m still trying to start the ignition in my business endeavors, I’ve certainly gotten the car to start up and move forward a few feet. And that’s a good thing because “overnight” success stories are usually just a snippet of a few years of work.

I’ve opened myself to new business opportunities, collaborations, and I even lost a few friends (actually a good thing) along the way. Reflecting on my birthday, I’m excited to see where things are headed. But not everything was of my own will – I have a few people that got behind me and pushed the proverbial “car” when my engine went out. Here’s just a few of them…


Sally, Thank You

It all started with a QUIZ. A quiz that rabbit-holed me into a brand new (pun intended) perspective on how to run my business. You see, out of the world’s top 30 brand professionals, Sally ranks #1. Sally Hogshead created the “first personality test that measures how others perceive you at your best” because we all know that first impression is everything. Not only do I know my own strengths and tap into them better (I’m a “secret weapon” btw), I make any prospective clients take this test as well. Not only do I infuse my brand strategy with their best influential qualities, but I can also foresee who might be too much trouble…you know those clients. Thank you Sally for showing me how to sell at my best.


Selena, Thank You

I’m one of Selena Soo’s Get Known Get Clients students. She’s a powerhouse for everything publicity and networking who has hit a million in revenue…and she’s also an introvert with simple branding and a soft voice. This reminds me of Mae Jemison who was inspired by Nichelle Nichols who played Lieutenant Uhura on Star Trek. Nichols was one of the first African American actresses to not be portrayed as a maid. Inspired by Nichols, Mae later on became the first African American woman to travel in space. There’s huge influence in seeing someone “just like you” make it to the top. In fact, Selena can show you how she influences people herself. Thank you Selena for showing the world that you don’t have to be a bigger-than-life extrovert to be a successful entrepreneur.


Navid, Thank You

This guy totally drops value bombs wherever he goes. He charges more than $1k/per hour for his time yet just yesterday in his Virtual Summit Mastery group, he answered all my questions for $free.99. Before that he gave me even more nuggets of wisdom before his flight home from SumoCon in Austin. If you don’t know this guy, Navid Moazzez is considered a world expert in virtual summits. I’m been trying to figure out what way I can introduce myself to the world. I’ve come to realize that I’m not a podcast host, course maker, or blogger. Producing a virtual summit (and I love me some producing) just made sense. I’ll be hosting my own virtual summit because of this guy. Thank you Navid for introducing me to your world. I can’t wait to see what my own virtual summit brings.


Chalene, Thank You

I’m getting my butt back because of this woman…and possibly more birthdays to celebrate. I’m a student in Chalene Johnson’s Diet Beta Course where I paid a whopping $39 to take control of my health. So many gems like how to teach my own body to eat my fat…say what?! I’m hoping to beat my mind fog and fatigue because the #1 business strategy is your health. Thank you Chalene for teaching people that you can have all the money up the wazoo, but without your health, is it really worth it?


Noah, Thank You

You’re certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. Some would say you’re a brash smart-ass, and I love every minute of it. From your supa-hot-fire speech at Sumo Con (bought my ticket for this year) where you helped us make 1k in an hour, to defending your honor inside a chat box at Teachable’s last virtual summit (we won’t mention that again), to your rise from Facebook’s #30 employee, you’ve supercharged my business. Congrats to being successful while being yourself! I owe most of the gratitude through AppSumo – securing LIFETIME deals at a low one-time price for otherwise subscription billing services is INSANE. Thank you Noah for keeping my operating expenses down!


Keith, Thank You

Last July I attended Amplify Live in Las Vegas. It’s an inspirational event put on by Keith Yackey, a savvy real estate entrepreneur turned joy-bringer. This conference OPENED my eyes to storytelling, and if you’re looking for a non-stuffy conference, this is the place you want to be. Keith brought such amazing guests to inspire us. I was most blown away when speaker, Nicholas Kusmich turned a Facebook ads speech into an emotionally griping story…like total sorcery. Thank you Keith for showing me all the ways I can amplify my life – keep following your passion because you’re freakin’ badass at it.


Shameca, Thank You

I connected with Shameca last year when we were both selected as Facebook group ambassadors for a sales coach. After the group disbanded, we became obligatory Facebook friends. What Shameca didn’t know was that her constant inspirational quotes, cross-fit pictures drenched in sweat, or otherwise match-lighting under other entrepreneurs’ arses in her Dare To Go Get It challenge that involved laying on a floor at some random Starbucks or giving free hugs to strangers, I thought she was cray. CRAY. But I also thought she was fierce. Because of her and ONE DAY of her challenge, I feel more confident live-streaming. I dare you to lay-up on the floor with her in the next Dare To Go Get It challenge. Triple. Thank you Shameca for showing me that fear is a figment of my imagination.


Nicole, Thank You

And last, but not least, Nicole Walters – about three years go, I caught a periscope of this woman wearing black glasses, a bright smile, and rich mahogany skin. I wasn’t sure about her, AT ALL, but she was so charismatic I took a chance and signed up for the second round of her course 1K1Day. The result? There’s no more money left behind on the table. She totally changed my thinking about monetizing my life. And to top it off, she awarded me a 3-day, all expenses paid trip to Cancun. I haven’t left the US since visiting the “mother” country at 16. Nicole, I’m your lifer. Thank you for your generosity to the business community and to me, despite my salty sass.

Thank you all so much for supporting me in my entrepreneurial journey, whether you knew it or not. Business is something that shouldn’t be done alone –  you need mentors and peers to support you every step of the way. Hopefully I can be to someone else as you were to me!

To All My Mentors…You Rock

by Aisha Sequeira time to read: 8 min