Let’s Launch Your Brand

Because You're Going to Change the World

No matter how simple your product is, you’re shaping someone’s experience. Whether that product saves lives, relationships, or even time, not telling the world about your brand with clarity is a disservice.

Selling is serving – you should never feel icky about that. Whether it’s the house that gives shelter, the food that provides nourishment, or the smartwatch that keeps schedule, the act fulfilling a desire through a sale of a product is making this world a better place.

You’re taking an awesome step in realizing that building a brand is in direct relationship to selling a product. And we’re here to help. Below we outline exactly how we work…take a look.

How We Roll

We have a simple 4-step brand process that’s easy to understand from start to finish. Your project is placed on our schedule once payment has been made, then we’ll welcome you as a newbee! You’ll receive weekly status reports, have your own client portal, and get backstage access to us via a private messaging app. Here’s a easy visual of your project with Invent Your Empire.


Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4
  1. The PRIMER phase includes initial introductions and a Brand Primer call to see if we’re a good fit…just like flirting.
  2. The PRE-WORK phase happens once you’ve become a new client. You’ll get a welcome guide and a brief to complete…we’re dating.
  3. The PROJECT phase is the actual strategy, design, and refinement being done…think of it like an engagement.
  4. The POST-WORK phase is after all approvals and includes off-boarding to get your brand off without a hitch…wedding bells.

Who We Go Bananas Over


Most inventors mistakenly think that an innovative product is enough to dominate the marketplace. They fail to realize that consumers don’t want their product; consumers want what the product promises. Only a distinctive brand backed by marketing science will deliver what consumers are willing to buy.

Our inventors have simple ideas. A simple idea is covered by one patent with few to none mechanical parts. They are willing to take the risk and build their empires as opposed to licensing with no creative/brand control. We serve entrepreneurial inventors who expand to 4 or more streams of income, including their product.

How You Get Addicted Customers

"Brand Buzz"



Need to generate some buzz and capture emails? The Brand Buzz is a one-page navigation WordPress website that’s simple and seductive using the SB7 StoryBrand™ framework.

Schedule a complimentary Brand Primer for a complete proposal of deliverables.

"Brand Kickstart"



Planning on launching a Kickstarter on your own? Don’t. Crowdfunding truly requires a team, and you’ll have us for design as well as our rolodex of affordable resources.

The Brand Kickstart is a one-page navigation WordPress website that’s targeted and seductive using the SB7 StoryBrand™ framework.

Schedule a complimentary Brand Primer for a complete proposal of deliverables.

"Brand Hub"



Nearly 90% of all purchases begin with an online search. Are you leaving money on the table with a website that repels visitors with nonsensical branding and poor user experience?

We understand that entrepreneurship takes the form of baby steps. So if you initially launched with a simple website, it’s time to take your brand to the next level with a full e-commerce solution.

The Brand Hub is a multi-page WordPress website that’s robust and seductive using the SB7 StoryBrand™ framework.

Schedule a complimentary Brand Primer for a complete proposal of deliverables.

*Depending on requirements, prices/deliverables may change. Payment plans available for services over $500. For more details, schedule your free Brand Primer HERE.

What's at Stake?

How much is unclear branding (message, experience) costing you? How many potential customers can’t see your product in the sea of competitors? What negative signals are you inadvertently sending? Customers who can’t see the clarity of why your product matters may have already cost you too much.


You’re the Brains. We’re the Brawn. But you’re also the Boss. We guarantee you’ll love our work, or we won’t stop until you do. We’re your secret weapon, and we’ve got your back.


“Thank you for your follow up email and the package. I have to say I am extremely impressed with your presentation and marketing materials. I would like to see if you would be open to an exclusive distributorship.”

Kelly Wels, President of Green Team Distribution