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A brand’s #1 job is to get attention and keep it with a long-term strategy. Be prepared to put in a daily effort through marketing. Success is rarely overnight.

A great brand supports a great product. Tricking a shopper by wrapping a great brand around a crappy product is unethical. Use the power of branding wisely.

“When you spoke about our [previous] logo and the philosophy behind it…No designer has ever given me that kind of service.”

– Andrea Thomas, Inventor of Scratch Me Not

Andrea was unhappy with her logo but accepted it anyway because she was tired of going back-and-forth with her designer and wasting money in the process.

Designers typically deliver the “whatever you want,” sans marketing and strategy experience to know the “why.” She paid $5,000 and didn’t even know the reasoning behind her own logo.

  • Designers who can’t explain their own thought process are trash.
  • Designers who can explain the process for their own design decisions are good.
  • Designers who can articulate the layers of a logo they never even touched are exceptional.

WOW…the only word I can describe for Aisha’s knowledge. Below is my actual quote from our conversation: ‘Oh wow…okay. I’ll work on that ASAP. Thank you so much and I pray you have so many more blessings come your way as you blessed me with you knowledge today. You’re GOD SEND. Thank you!!!’

– Derick Abram, DJ Astronaut

(and the one who gave me that beat)

“You make the branding experience personal. Whether the consumer knows about a personal aspect or not – the entrepreneur leaves having an ACTUAL PURPOSE in their product. I love that about you.”

– Jessica Ross, The Splash Baby Inventor