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Tammy was a health and fitness coach in branding distress. When I noticed she was just branding herself as TammyNakamura.life, I felt we could improve her overall look tremendously. There were three key points that stood out with Tammy: she was an older fitness aficionado, she loved the outdoors (biking, hiking), and she had a Japanese surname.

In under five minutes, TammyNakamura.life was transformed into NakamuraFit.com. We also implemented a website design with an inviting outdoors homepage coupled with a Japanese-inspired logo to make her stand out among other coaches.

Ashley is a natural parenting blogger with a focus on cloth diapers. Her former name was Cloth Diaper Easy. I suggested it was best not to pigeonhole herself into such a niche topic in the off chance she’d outgrow it with her babies.

I came up with the name My Green Nest to encompass her eco-friendly endeavors, which include cloth diapering, but also make it clear that this was a focus on parenting.

Naanama had a dilemma. She wanted to chronicle her journey to lose exactly 100 pounds through a lifestyle blog as she sought out health and wellness certifications. Because yo-yo dieting is prevalent, Naanama really wanted to hone in on her struggles with eating disorders, forgiveness, and self-love…but she didn’t know where to start.

Her former name, Envision Motivation, was too corporate to exude her passion and trust qualities. Within 10 minutes of Naanama telling me her story through a quick private message, I already had a name set for her. One Hundred Weighs is a play on words describing the struggle of constantly weighing yourself in addition to all the ways you can lose weight, love yourself, and have fun.

Ate Plates is a local event for restaurants. The idea is a play off the book, Around the World in 80 Days, where patrons could visit international cuisine in 8 days (for finality purposes) and eat 8 amazing dishes. In this instance, “Ate” is also wordplay from the number eight.

Le Beurre Box is a recurring food subscription box service for compound butter. Made with 100% grass fed butter, which actually helps decalcify arteries, and 100% organic herbs and spices, Le Beurre Box redefines the currently unhealthy concept of butter.

However, it needed a name to match its sophistication as a “Butter Box” sounded, well, unhealthy. I elevated the brand by simply swapping the French name for the English one. By mashing up French + English, we get the an elegant brand name associated with fine dishes and excellent chefs…which is exactly what we want subscribers to experience and feel.

Diaper Dawgs is the name of my product business for the cloth diaper market. It gets its signature name from a pair of gloves that were shaped like dogs. At the time, my competitors were using banal names like “pal” and “mate” to denote tools that were “friendly” to cloth diapering.

I went left field and chose a play on words between dog (shape of the mitts) and dawg (slang for friend). The alliteration supports the memorability of the name and dogs are known for being “man’s best friend,” so it fit perfectly.

Alliteration is one method I like to use when naming businesses as it makes the brand more memorable to consumers. The Profitable Parent is an educational marketplace for parent entrepreneurs to learn new skills to grow their businesses by making or saving money.

Since business is also referred to as an entrepreneur’s “baby,” the name appeals to both entrepreneurs with and without families.

Papapalooza was born out of the sheer number of conferences that are mother-centric. Gender roles are changing and with that comes the notion that dads are a HUGE part of the parenting life.

Since most “mom” conferences focus on activities catered to females, Papapalooza appeals to men by integrating great bands, beers, bros, and of course, babies. The name feeds off the popular musical festival Lollapalooza and represents an event both exciting and family-friendly.

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