How to Name a Product

What’s the first thing you say when you meet someone new? Hi, my NAME is________.

Your name begins your story. It shapes your brand. But most inventors need help brainstorming product names. It’s the ultimate identifier.

So many inventors choose these names haphazardly, whether they choose a painfully obvious name lacking creativity or they don’t think thru the future implications of a particular name choice.

How to Name a Product

I had a friend of a friend who named his security company, SecSolutions.

Do you see the problem here?

The ‘c’ is very close to the ‘x’ on the keyboard. A finger overreach of 4 mm is all it takes to land on a website that’s filming unlawful intruders or willing invitees!

Choose your name wisely. 

Take your time. Think about how it types on the url bar. Your name gives an audience their first impression of you. It dictates your logo. It’s the badge of your brand.

How to Name a Product

1. ANSWER THE 5 Q’s:

  • What does your product look like? (adjectives)
  • Who is it for? (nouns/people)
  • Where does it do it? (nouns/places)
  • When does it do it?
  • How does it do it? (verbs)

2. Now, let’s connect the dots…

How to Name a Product

Wordstorm visualizes word associations. It creates a map where words that are strongly associated appear close together; words with a weaker association are mapped further apart.

How to Name a Product

Visuwords online graphical dictionary where you can look up words to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts.

3. Need extra help? Gotcha covered.

In our NameFame online workshop, you’ll discover methods big agencies use to craft the perfect moniker. You’re just one click away to becoming a household name – select the banner below.

How to Name a Product

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