How to Write Bullet Points to Get More Sales on a Product Page

How do you write very good bullet points in your product’s shop description?

Say what your customer would never admit out loud. If they think you understand their desires, they’ll think your product can give them the solutions to get it.

Here’s an easy copywriting trick that can multiply your sales conversions: apply the 7 deadly sins of pridegreedlustenvygluttonywrath and sloth to get inside their heads and say what they’re thinking:

To use this deadly formula, take all of your boring old bullets and rephrase based on the sin and the emotional benefit of your product, not its feature.

  • Lust (get what you’ve always desired)
  • Slothfulness (this will help you do less work)
  • Envy (make everyone jealous)
  • Pride (be amazing)
  • Wrath (be angry)
  • Gluttony (get everything you want)
  • Greed (it can all be yours!)

The Crossroads Demon Close…in the tv series Supernatural, two brothers are on a mission to fight demonic forces for killing their mother. One of the recurring elements of the series is a “crossroads demon” that makes bargains with humans.

In the same way, you’re going to do something called the Crossroads Close.

You’ll bargain with your prospective customer to make a choice:

1. Do nothing and go back to the problem.

2. Try to do or hack it yourself knowing you’ll ultimately fail.

3. Risk nothing with a guarantee, buy the product, and get the results.

Great bullet points will get you more sales, viral shares, and make your writing process easier in general. If you want a bonus exercise, instead of focusing on a consumer’s “desires” via the 7 deadly sins, you can focus on their biggest aversions as well:

  • Fear
  • Embarrassment
  • Belonging
  • Guilt
  • Inadequacy
  • Escape

How to Write Bullet Points to Get More Sales on a Product Page

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