Is Your Brand Charismatic?

I decided to take a course on how to switch charisma on in any situation. Little did I know, charisma involves mastering confidence, storytelling, improvisation, first impressions, personality, voice tonality, commanding a room, etc. 

This is an EXTREMELY important business skill that is often neglected when it sits next to a course. And think about it, the MOST successful people are charismatic. 

Learning charisma can help you make connections, build a tribe, and even win a presidency <—yes, you don’t have to be “liked” or “popular” to be charismatic.

Now I suck at charisma, hence my course-taking, but I’m the bomb diggity at branding, so let’s combine the two.

What is charisma and how can you apply it to a brand?

Charisma is the art of attraction, magnetism, and charm. Some people are born with it, but it can also be learned. 

A CHARISMATIC BRAND is one where others think there is NO REPLACEMENT. 

There is only one Oprah. There was only one Steve Jobs. 

And guess what? Charisma does not necessarily mean you have to be nice or smart, e.g. Shark Tank’s Mr. Wonderful, Kardashians, etc.

How can you practice charisma in your everyday life? 

Here are some short actionable tips I learned from the course thus far.

1) Practice good posture to appear comfortable, confident, and powerful. (Where’s my wine?)

2) Be better than “good.” (Lord help me)

3) Touch everybody, often. (fix it Jesus)

Let’s break those down…

[GOOD POSTURE] – Not just your back. “Posture” means position…usually straight and high. Do this with your smile, your eyes, and your back. Imagine a piece of string is being pulled from the base off our spine through your neck. 

Keep arms open, not crossed…expose vulnerable parts of body (arm, wrists, chest, neck). Lift your elbows away from your ribcage (like your airing out armpits, while talking, and pull those corners of your mouth up.

[BE BETTER THAN GOOD] – When someone (coworker, cashier, husband) asks “How are you?” Don’t reply with “good.” Everyone says that. Everyone is used to that and then you continue the obligatory, mind-numbing exchange of pleasantries.

Be better than good – Say, “I’m FANTASTIC/AMAZING/PHENOMENAL/insert adjective.” This serves as pattern interruptor that will actually make people think positively of you while getting them out of habit. 

But here’s the catch, your emotion MUST match the word or else that’s another ding on your trust meter.

For example, I was on the phone with Nicole and although I told her I was “excited” about IYE, my voice remained monotone. And that woman called it out. 

The funny part was that my mind was jumping on the couch like Tom Cruise hot over Katie. Nevertheless, I came across as inauthentic because my voice did not match the adjective I said.

Now it does have a lot to do with my persuasion advantage being “mystique,” but the other person does not know that.

[TOUCH EVERYONE] – Introducing yourself to a group of people? 

Don’t just shake the hands of the influencer you want to nurse under. 

Shake EVERYONE’s hands, look deeply into their eyes, and make them feel like they are the most important person in the room. 

When you just shake a one or a few people’s hands or rush through shaking everyone’s, you’ve just dinged your trust meter because clearly you have motives or just don’t care enough about making connections. 

Other ways to touch people upon greeting based on your level and the relationship (women: air kisses, hugs; men: shoulder pat, hand grasp then shoulder bump).

The lesson for today? Disrupt, in other words…get attention.

Don’t carry on the postures, positions, and mindless interactions that people do every day.

Don’t get in a rat race trying to be better than your competitors.  

What’s better than better? Be different…and being different requires a certain degree of charisma or fascination. 

If you want to learn the particular way you’re fascinating, I HIGHLY suggest taking Sally Hoghead’s Quiz.

Is Your Brand Charismatic?

by Aisha Sequeira time to read: 3 min