Dreams are Risky – Your Routine is lethal

Wake up – Drop off kids – Go to work – Come home – Make dinner – Watch TV – Scroll FB – Go to bed – Back to work – Earn vacation – Dread Monday morning again – Save for retirement.

What if you threw your whole self at your dream?

Would you be anxiously waiting as beads of sweat rolled down your temple for that little hand to creep slowly to the 5 on your sweatshop’s wall clock as if it were intentionally drawing out your agony and mocking you at the same time?

Would your feet be howling from drudging the hard, concrete floor, handling that customer who wanted the vase WITHOUT the price sticker but didn’t think it made sense to bring the vase with a barcode up to the counter?

Would you still be just a stay-at-home mom, unfulfilled with the “housewife” duties of playdates because you secretly, and selfishly, wish for a passion beyond your children when you’re not worried about your husband’s company-wide layoffs?

Have you already died, but you haven’t made it official yet? You are destined for magnificent things. You have great ideas, but you don’t know how to turn them into a business or you don’t know where to start, or maybe you’ve started but hit a plateau. Fight your head. Pay attention to your heart. 

You can always earn back money, but you can never replace lost time.

And one day your time will run out.

Have you ever watched someone you loved die slowly?

My mother was always an mystery to me – very private, very secret. She was a immigrant with poor writing skills who had worked beyond overtime to climb up the non-existent ladder of “assistant manager” at a gas station – that simply meant she didn’t have to scrub the toilets as often. She kept her dreams a secret, under lock and key.

Maybe she was embarrassed, thought she lacked the potential, or maybe she choose to see her dreams fulfilled in children. Her deepest, most hidden desire was to be an entrepreneur.

She wanted to open an arcade back in her home country of Panama, to give the impoverished youth a place to immerse themselves in games and play, to forget about their current situations that afternoon, to live out a childhood she never experienced when she got pregnant at 13 and married a year later.


She wrote that dream down but never lived it.

Instead I laid at her feet in the hospital bed, her body ravaged by cancer, watching her struggle for every breath. She was unable to speak because of a stroke caused by an aneurism. Yet she voiced every life’s regrets with each lingering tear that rolled down her cheek…the only external response her body permitted.

She mourned the life she never lived at the brink of her death.

She died at 54 years of age. My mother made one big mistake that so many of us make. She got comfortable with mediocrity, in believing that there would always be time. Her passing was unnoticed by the world, but her death was my greatest lesson.

My body cried the moment of her death, but my soul wept for months. I fell until a debilitating depression, a shell of my former self. My only saving grace was that 9 months later, I would be expecting my first child.


Let’s create a vision right now.

You don’t have to wake up and go to a soulless job

But you still get a consistent paycheck without the 9-5 grind

While you get to watch your kids’ milestones instead of the babysitter

Growing your business in your pajamas

And being able to do what you want, when you want

Sweet. Freedom.

If I can create a business with pajama perks, you can too.

Hi, I’m Aisha Sequeira.

I turn inventors into entrepreneurs by turning products into prolific brands.

I’m also a wife and mom that lives in Texas with my Portuguese husband who graced me with a super complicated surname that no one can pronounce.

I stay home wrangling my two boys under 4 while running a baby brand. I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute that allowed me to hoard nearly 10 years of experience as a branding expert. Then I…

  • Invented a patented product.
  • It’s innovative design disrupted the competition.
  • That product increased my revenue 919%.
  • I’ve since created a line of consumer products.
  • and I’ve mastered branding businesses.

Get ready to build, brand, and blast your product so you can live a life without regrets.


From jobless to patented…

When I became a mom, I was looking for ways to cut costs because you know, graphic designers are paid in peanuts. Every new job I had only paid a few dollars more per hour than the last.

So to help with the budget, I decided to use cloth diapers. But man, that got downright nasty when laundry day arrived. I suddenly had an idea, and it came in the form of uniquely sized…sh*t mitts. Laugh as much as you want, but those mitts made cloth diapering more sanitary with less hassle.

And then imposter syndrome set it. I didn’t think I was “good enough” to invent something, didn’t think I’d be taken seriously (I mean c’mon, sh*t mitts).

In those moments, I remember my mother.

I decided to stop relying on emotions and focus on facts. When I discovered forums of moms who had my same woes, I moved forward with my idea.

Business was certainly quiet for a while. Mainly because, as an introvert, I was uncomfortable with putting myself out there (again…sh*t mitts). But oh have I learned the perils of not leading with marketing, which is what I teach my clients. My business was something I was forced to believe in amidst rumors that the company I was working for was going in the red. 

I was eventually laid off January 2014 during my second pregnancy. Those were tough times because my job carried the family insurance, so I basically picked which OB-GYN appointments were important…like the gender reveal – of course!

I’ve since created a brand of multiple products that tackle the unglamorous side of cloth diapering. When launching my signature disruptive innovation, the Spray Collar, in June 2014, my revenue skyrocketed 919% in one year.

Today my brand is sold in 50+ boutiques and is distributed both nationwide and internationally. That’s right, no big box stores. There are many paths to success that are right for some and not right for others. With sales channels on only Amazon.com and those small online boutiques, my product biz allows me to hang out most of the day in my pajamas while watching my boys grow up.


If you think that only having a multi-millionaire company will change your life, you’re wrong. Could a couple extra thousand dollars a month make a difference? Oh yea. You could take that vacation. You could finally visit that French restaurant or be home to watch your baby take his first step.

Although I decided to invent my empire, I don’t make a millions (yet), but my life has shifted. I can have chef meals delivered to my door. I can outsource my grocery shopping. I can buy a conference ticket to Vegas along with travel and accommodations. I can afford a high-end photoshoot with hair and makeup. And I want that shift for you.

This isn’t some scammy invention company. You’re not going to throw thousands into oblivion without seeing a return nor will I play the game of getting you to a certain point then giving you a “bon voyage” pat-on-the-ass wondering what to do next.

Jokes aside, I’ve been where you’re at, and I want to get you beyond that because let’s keep it real: 1) I feel great when my clients are mega successful 2) It makes me look good too.

I’m a person – YOUR person. I dare you to find an inventor, designer, marketer, consultant rolled up in 5’1 feet of brown goodness. No really, I’ll wait…

But don’t get me wrong, I made A LOT of mistakes.

Some small, some costly. Mistakes I can’t take back, but I can show others how to avoid. Others with unique ideas, just like yours. And if you’re reading this, I’m betting you need some help. If there’s anything that I’ve learned in business, it’s never to do it alone whether it’s creating, making, or marketing your idea.

You be the judge, but here’s what others say…


“Aisha is highly motivated and intelligent worker. She is always coming up with cost effective and efficient ways to utilize our work resources. Her design skills are superb.”

– Ezra James, Co-Founder of Leviathan Media Group


Aisha is a pleasure to work with. I really like how she can take a few ideas and turn it into something really great based on her creative ability and great eye for design trends. I would love to work with her again anytime.”

Mike Lallemont, Developer at The Freeman Company


“Aisha. AISHA. I just HOLLERED, okay? Flawless execution. Not like I expected anything less – as I said in our call- you’re a rare sort of talent. That said, this [branding] is clever, witty, and right on target.”

– Nicole Walters, Creator of 1K1Day

Fun Facts About Me:

Poop pays.

I’m a dealer of quips. You can be stripped of everything, but you’ll always have the ability to laugh.

I’m blunt with purpose. If you need to hear the truth, you’ll hear it sans fluff.

I love abbreviations and acronyms: ISH, AF, WTF, FML, SOL, CYA, the list goes on.

I’m a Stella Rosa wine FANATIC. 

I brand everything…even my family.

Bees symbolize my bluntness, brand, business, and BOSS hustle. My mission is to turn your incredible ideas into ideal income with strategies that are productive, purposeful, and profitable. You are more than a product or a patent. My focus is creating your empire with you as Queen B.

The first investment towards building a profitable product business should be in that product’s brand.

If You've Ever Said, "THAT WAS MY IDEA FIRST!"

Stop second-guessing yourself, start taking action, and don’t let your big idea become someone else’s. I’ve created a few ways to transform you from Worker B to Royalty. My signature system, Invent Your Empire, is a sequence of three programs where I show your how to build, brand, and blast your product.

Build It

BUILD an innovative product that tells a story, increases a pleasure, or ends a pain.

Brand It

BRAND that product and strategically position it to rule the marketplace.

Blast It

BLAST your brand and fascinate prospects, patrons, and press like flies to honey.