is the new mother Laziness of invention.

Move Over Necessity – The Future Favors the Lazy

There couldn’t have been a more perfect time for your product than now. In the time of Uber, Amazon, and smart devices, people want to live their lives with minimal effort and quick results.

That means you don’t have to be the next Ford or Edison with revolutionary products. Solve one simple problem, and you still have the potential to make millions. But that’s only if your product doesn’t disappear into the sea of sameness.

We help consumer product entrepreneurs stay afloat by exploiting their competition’s biggest weakness, mediocrity.

Branding isn’t just meant to be easy on the eyes. It’s meant to connect, converse, then convert. Our work has been described as “corporate-level,” “clever,” and “shocking.”

“Aisha. AISHA. I just HOLLERED, okay? Flawless execution. Not like I expected anything less – as I said in our call- you’re a rare sort of talent. That said, this [branding] is clever, witty, and right on target.”

– Nicole Walters, Creator of 1K1Day

I’m Aisha, Your Brand’s Secret Weapon.

I’m also a wife and mom that lives in Texas with my Portuguese husband who graced me with a super complicated surname that no one can pronounce.

I wrangle my two boys while helping awkward brands come out of puberty. I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute that allowed me to hoard nearly 10 years of experience as a branding expert. Then I…

  • Invented a patented product.
  • It’s innovative design disrupted the competition.
  • That product increased revenue 919%.
  • I’ve since created a line of consumer products.
  • and I’ve mastered branding businesses.

...but I'll let the sales do that talking.

“When you spoke about our [previous] logo and the philosophy behind it…No designer has ever given me that kind of service.”

– Andrea Thomas, Inventor of Scratch Me Not

Sit Back and Grab Your Popcorn...

Your best brand partner has been in your shoes, knows your struggles,
and realizes that success is closer than you think.

Let’s watch the “Death of Competition.”

“Aisha is the best in the biz!“”

– Kevin Bunn, Inventor of SockDock

Our mission is to save the bee population – “brands everyone envies.” Envy is the emotion that has Apple fans lined outside a door weeks before a product release. Envy is what sells out anything a Kardashian touches.

Your product may be a newbee, but it has the potential of brand royalty. So stop asking that Facebook group for bad, unfiltered advice.

Stop doing it yourself with Canva. Stop rebranding over and over again with Fiverr. Stop waiting until everything falls into place – because it never will. Your time is NOW.

Your throne awaits.

“Aisha Sequeira is the queen of rebranding.

– Ann Brewer, Inventor of Wallabox

Dreams are risky, but your "routine" is deadly.

#realtalk – this journey is going to require time, investment, and grit. You’ll have to learn persuasion, invest in systems, and ride the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship. The silver lining? We’ll be right next to you, strapped in.

Can we guarantee you a comfortable life on a fluffy cloud? Of course not, but we can guarantee that if you keep doing what you’re doing, expect to keep getting what you’re getting.